The one-size-fits-all strategies and advice, whether it be physical therapy, diet, meditation, exercise or massage, cannot fit every-body correctly. Guidance on physiological needs and nutritional advice should be completely tailored to fit your individual needs. 

You are unique and there is no one else like you on the planet. Why settle for a program that is not tailored to help your specific + unique desires and needs ? Anything designed for any-body will not provide lasting, impactful results. 

Would you like a life changing practice that will render results? Ayurveda + Nutritional Therapy are Powerful tools to help UNroot problematic symptoms & unveil their real causes. 

In my two most powerful offerings I combine all of my services into a potent year long or seasonal one on one packages with me in which we dive into the realms of Functional Clinical Analysis, Nutritional Therapy, Ayurveda + Ayurvedic practices, Magic, Massage and, outdoor adventures. 

Come work with me in the most intimate way possible and rediscover your instinctual medicine. 

Here are what you will receive during  our time together :

The Archer  walking with me for One Season – Three Moons – ¼ of the wheel of the year  $16,999

  • Classes on Teachable about Ritual Magic + Food : Intention Setting, State of Receiving, Alchemical Intention spells, Celtic History of Food magik, Celtic food spells & Ayurvedic alchemical food spells.
  • Food prep videos, Alchemical Food Prep, Cooking & Kitchen Witch tutorials on teachable 
  • Classes on Teachable about pranayama, yoga, meditation, mudras, mantras, etc. 
  • Informational packets about Ayurveda, Doshas, bioindividual needs & Ayurvedic dietary suggestions
  • Downloadable tutorials + doshic specific information on self massage (abhyanga), lymphatic movement
  • Have a full functional clinical analysis four times a year in person with me. 
  • Along with the Functional Clinical Analysis we will dive into a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) with also starting a food & mood journal to learn and track patterns about what we choose to feed ourselves + the state we eat in and how that aligns with your mood shifts. We can also order labs. We will dive as deeply as possible depending on your scope of needs. 
  • One personalized Ayurvedic care package with PanchaKarma supplies, intuitive gifts, & witchy items for magic and self nourishment. 
  • Full access to your personal doshic profile & information.
  • One PanchaKarma 
  • Access to Fullscript – a bulk supplement, vitamin & mineral delivering service –  where you will receive 20% off of all supplement recommendations we discover together. 
  •  We will have six two hour zoom calls taking place every other week PLUS a bonus zoom call for one hour whenever you’d like to schedule it that will be about any topic of your choosing including concerns or questions or an emotional check in with me. 
  • Access to 250 seasonally focused, personalized written recipes : each recipe packet will be different for each individual as no two bodies are alike. 

The Seer walking with me for Four Seasons –
13 MOONS-  $64,000

  • You’ll receive everything in the Archer package and…
  • Special, VIP access to the above listed pieces in the Wanderer that are vastly expansive in this package for you. 
  • Extra features and, history about Ritual Magic + Food 
  • You will receive four times the amount of zoom calls with me. We will have and record twenty four, two hour zoom calls that take place every other week PLUS two bonus zoom calls for one hour each to cover anything extra you may want to address. These can be combined into one zoom call that lasts for two hours. 
  • Significant access to 1,111 seasonally focused, personalized written recipes : each recipe packet will be different for each individual as no two bodies are alike. That’s right ! It’s all about You. 
  • First access and notification about special offers and retreats that I am conducting.
  • Access to new information release first
  • VIP access to Fullscript, a bulk supplement, vitamin & mineral delivering service,  where you will receive 25% off of all supplement recommendations we discover together. 
  • Lifetime access to current & future kitchen witch Ayurvedic recipes by yours truly, Kenley Raye. 



  • Big Island of Hawai’i Experience package add-on includes : Hot springing,  swimming with dolphins, sacred site visits, meditation, breathwork & plant medicine work opportunities (Ayahuasca, Sananga, Cacao) along with two ninety minute massages curated by me starting at $2,000.


Let us unravel and unwind your personal bio individuality to understand yourself in the deepest way possible.  You work too hard not to be thriving and I’m here to facilitate you thriving again.   I am looking to work with people who are accountable to themselves and to their dreams. Your dreams happen to be your future self calling you therefore accountability to that person is key as well. 

Your own journey to balanced health is exactly that – YOURS. You must be willing to do the work. It will not be easy yet, it is the most rewarding journey to embark on – investing in yourself. These packages are for those only who wish to have the deepest understanding of themselves.

• You will need to commit to yourself fully, in the deepest way possible.
• You must be willing to take full responsibility for your own process & health. 
• You must be accountable to yourself and to the work we embark on together. 
• You must be willing to make arrangements to travel to meet me in Hawaii to participate in our in person sessions or make arrangements with me for other options.
• I am an expert at traveling to Hawai’i and I am here to answer any questions you may have about travel or beautiful stay options. 

If you’re willing to remember and learn your own innate understanding of your nervous system, your body and your ability to heal then, contact me today to see if we have compatibility to work together. If you’re more than willing and ready to step deeply into a realigned version of yourself then, contact me today to schedule a zoom call so we can spend time together clarifying our intentions together before we embark on this journey together. 


Kenley is absolutely SPEC-FREAKING-TACULAR!! I went to her when my nervous system was fried, my heart was heavy, my energy was low and my head was foggy. After an hour and a half on her table, in her energy, I left feeling completely calm, clear and on my way to full restoration. She is one of the most present and generous healers I have encountered in quite a while. Truly feel like my cup was re lled by this gorgeous kindred soul. Thank you Kenley!! I cannot say enough good things about you.

- Kate M

There is an overwhelming wonderful energy about Kenley, through in through out. She has a warm, big & caring heart that is shown through her massages. She is undoubtedly one of a kind & her presence brings forth essential change in ones overall well being! A lot of her work is fully indulged & focused with body, mind & soul. She’s done many massages & has an arrange of knowledge to help you in the greatest sense of healing. If you get a chance to feel her skill & creativity in massage do take it! I feel so lucky to have learned, worked & grown along side with her! She is amazing beyond words

- Mae M

So glad to have had the privilege of working with Kenley! Not only is she hyperaware of your needs and wants as a person, she is also extremely respectful and creates a truly judgement free, safe zone to be in. She is such a beautiful and amazing being and anyone who works with her is truly blessed.

- Hope C

It’s great to be around a fellow healer and radiate so many positive energies!

- Nate W