Nutritional therapy can help dig up The roots of problematic Symptoms occurring in your life. 

By digging up the root of the problem we can examine it and, Find potential solutions to help alleviate those problems. 

Food is a preventative and combative medicine.

Nutritional Therapy can also maintain quality of life.

By using a holistic approach to help the body heal itself, we can dive into the discussion, then practical steps on what your program will look like and, how supplementation through vital minerals, vitamins, and herbal remedies can benefit you. 

In every session, I customize what we do together based on your bio-individual needs and, desires. 

Everything we do together is extremely personalized and tailored for you specially. 

Combining my knowledge and schooling in anatomy, Physiology, Herbalism, Pathology & Nutrition I have a unique skill set that is always growing to benefit you the most.

No two bodies are alike and, no one is the same therefore, your nutritional and physical needs are different than anyone else’s.

I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge to help you change your life through a multitude of modalities.

You work too hard not to be thriving.

Let’s create your Personalized program together, to help you continue to blossom.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore

Ayurveda is two Sanskrit words combined.
Ayur is a sanskrit word meaning life and, Veda is a word meaning knowledge or science. So, Ayurveda is the Knowledge or Science of Life. It is an approach to be more in touch with ourselves to achieve optimum health.

Food is a preventative & combative medicine.

Ayurveda teaches us how to use alchemy and chemistry to achieve wellness. I help activate your own magic within you with certain magical spells and practices along with the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda does not look at symptoms when a person is not well or balanced. I do not look at any symptoms you may be experiencing (such as a bad rash, or bad bodily odor) I instead look at what you’ve been consuming for food the past few weeks, what your stress levels look like, if you are getting good enough rest + sleep and, if you are using substances(food, alcohol, sugar, drugs, cigarettes) to cope with stress.

If I can get to the root of the problem, then we can start to reduce problematic symptoms such as the rash and body odor.


Kenley is absolutely SPEC-FREAKING-TACULAR!! I went to her when my nervous system was fried, my heart was heavy, my energy was low and my head was foggy. After an hour and a half on her table, in her energy, I left feeling completely calm, clear and on my way to full restoration. She is one of the most present and generous healers I have encountered in quite a while. Truly feel like my cup was re lled by this gorgeous kindred soul. Thank you Kenley!! I cannot say enough good things about you.

- Kate M

There is an overwhelming wonderful energy about Kenley, through in through out. She has a warm, big & caring heart that is shown through her massages. She is undoubtedly one of a kind & her presence brings forth essential change in ones overall well being! A lot of her work is fully indulged & focused with body, mind & soul. She’s done many massages & has an arrange of knowledge to help you in the greatest sense of healing. If you get a chance to feel her skill & creativity in massage do take it! I feel so lucky to have learned, worked & grown along side with her! She is amazing beyond words

- Mae M

So glad to have had the privilege of working with Kenley! Not only is she hyperaware of your needs and wants as a person, she is also extremely respectful and creates a truly judgement free, safe zone to be in. She is such a beautiful and amazing being and anyone who works with her is truly blessed.

- Hope C

It’s great to be around a fellow healer and radiate so many positive energies!

- Nate W