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Hi there ! My name is Kenley Raye. 

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), Ayurvedic Practitioner, Tantrika, & Herbalist.

These licenses, diplomas and professional names are just worldly titles pointing to what I am insanely passionate about.  

My passion is radically changing our lifestyle through intentional space casting, delicious food creation, magical musings and movement. 

I know these practices will radically shift you. You will acquire a greater self-awareness through dietary choices, thought patterns, movement and pertinent lifestyle choices.

Nutrition + Ayurveda can actually help balance your physical and mental health which in turn balances your emotional and spiritual health. 

Health is the balance of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial well being.


I am here to bring joy, play and delicious intentionality back into daily life.This is where I help facilitate you in your heart’s greatest desire to be fully embodied and present with yourself.

I help you return home and be fully engaged with your own innate bodily process.Experiencing our true essence right down to the core of your being is what I am offering to you.

It is my goal to bring out your innate ability to heal so that you may live a profoundly healthier, more balanced life so that you enjoy it all to the fullest extent.

Experiencing true alignment in your body is what I am here to help facilitate with a multifaceted approach with my Ayurvedic Retreats in Hawai’i and, my 1-1 personalized magical Ayurvedic year long or seasonal packages.

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Legs in Bath



I absolutely adore something about the space that is created when we work together in a slow, intentional way that touches our souls and brings about peace in our bodies. 

My approach to bodywork relieves stress, relaxes the body, increases circulation, manages pain, helps the body recover from injury, strengthens the immune system and helps re-regulate the nervous system. 

I have over ten years of experience with massage and rehabilitation. I blend a variety of bodywork techniques in order to provide an extremely personalized session where you are met & held.

This service is for you if you are signing up for my seasonal or year long Ayurvedic packages where we walk together for one season or one year. You may also receive this offering through coming to the Big Island for a Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Cleanse. 

If working with me is something that resonates with you, click below to check out my year long & seasonal offerings, and my Ayurvedic retreats in Hawai’i.

Ceremonial Yoga



Being playful and rediscovering our childlike wonderment with the world is something the Tantric ceremony, Maithuna, can help us remember. 

We can go back to our younger years. 

We recapture the joy we felt back then, harness that joy then bring it up in the present to be & to play with. 

If you are someone who is interested in learning more about Tantric ceremony, I am happy to receive your interest. 

If you are someone strictly seeking sexual tantric practitioners, my services are not for you and, I am happy to forward you to one of my colleagues.

These services are only available for you if you are signing up for my personalized Ayurvedic packages as an additional option. 

 If working with me is something that calls to you, click below to check out my potent personalized year long walk or seasonal musings with me. 

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Orange drinks



Radiant : Ahhhh, that word that invokes a feeling. Do you want to feel absolutely Radiant ? 

If you believe this is for you, please read below to understand more about my Radiant PanchaKarma retreat packages & pricing. 

These retreats are designed for you if : 

  • You are willing to commit to yourself in the deepest way possible and commit to your own healing. 
  • You are seeking to feel at peace with your body, and you are hoping to learn more about your own body. 
  • If you’re more than ready to tap into your personal bodily medicine + innate wisdom. 
  • If you are ready to deeply cleanse all of your systems from that which no longer serves you. 

Radiant PanchaKarma Retreat in Hawaii or virtually on Zoom 

$5,000 for 3 weeks  |  $6,666 for 5 weeks 

Offered Seasonally on : Yule, Imbolc,  Lughnasadh, Samhain

Maximum 6 people per Radiant retreat

Radiant is a unique Ayurvedic PanchaKarma cleanse that is life changing in nature.

I combine my extensive knowledge in Functional Nutrition & Medicine with, pranayama (breathwork), mudras, energy work,  Ayurvedic whole food recipes, Vagus Nerve work & more to bring out your. it’s nourished, fulfilled self ! 

Radiant is a program specifically designed to help you succeed and thrive as long as you are willing to do the work. 

Our mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual health are aspects that a Holistic approach addresses. In Radiant, we not only deal with the physical cleanse (your diet), we also deal with the mental + emotional + spiritual aspects that can arise when cleansing. 

PanchaKarma translated into English from Sanskrit means Five (Pancha) Actions (Karma.) Pancha Karma is a five fold action system that uses five ways to naturally stimulate your body to purge, eliminate and detoxify. 

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the idea that the world is made up of five elements — aakash (space), jala (water), prithvi (earth), teja (fire), and vayu (air).

A combination of two of the five elements results in three humors or three primary ways of human expression or doshas. The doshas are known as vata, kapha, and pitta. 

These doshas are believed to be responsible for a person’s physiological, mental, and emotional health.

Every person is said to have a unique ratio of each dosha, usually with one standing out more than the others. 

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I will help you determine your dosha. I will also help you by curating specific practices to help balance your dosha. 

In Radiant, this includes a tailored diet specific to you and herbal recommendations in order to get your GI tract in the right functioning space. 

In this gentle version of PanchaKarma, we will take a week and a half to five weeks to truly take time to care for our bodies and learn how to re-tune back into ourselves.

It can be done at home. 

You will be supported every step of the way.

Normally, I host these cleanses in person on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Until more information comes out and, until restrictions are lifted I have decided to go virtual. 

I will be available for virtual consultations via Zoom. 

I have a virtual cleansing community group set up for those in Radiant who desire a cleansing nest + sacred space to connect with other cleansers. 

Our virtual groups will help us connect. 

We will have Zoom meetings and I will be offering other classes (pranayama, breath work, yoga, meditation) for you to truly dive deeply into your own cleanse and process. 

There is so much that is possible here. 

Let’s discover that, together. 

Radiant Packages include :

  • Access to classes on Teachable about Ritual Magic + Food : Intention Setting, State of Receiving, Alchemical Intention spells, Doshas, Food History, Cooking Kitchen Witch Tutorials that will be RELEASED IN SPRING 2022. **2021 Yule Cleanse Clients will receive early, first access.** 
  • Have a full functional clinical analysis, virtually. Our bodies have ways of knowing what is problematic and can speak to us about disruptions or problematic behavior. 
  • Inside of us there is an innate knowledge combined with our nervous system, and the immune system always communicates with us – whether we recognize it or not. This could be felt in the body as a gut feeling, an instinct or a hunch. We have never been taught to understand those signals.
  •  I have taken the time to learn and understand who to communicate with one’s body by performing the full functional clinical analysis. The Functional Clinical Analysis is a process which allows us to identify organ systems under stress then, prioritize support accordingly. Every organ system is surrounded by a NERUO (brain)- VASCULAR (blood vessel) or NEURO (brain) – LYMPAHTIC ( lymph vessels) network. When an organ system becomes stressed – blood and/or lymph is shunted to these networks in efforts to draw the necessary nutrients to support the organ. This collection of fluid takes up space and registers a tenderness in the body at that organ system. 
    • During the Functional Clinical Analysis, I will touch these tender points on the body that relate to the organ that possibly is stress and, I will ask you to rate the tenderness on a scale of 0-10. Because of the neural or electrical connection between the brain and organs we can place a specific nutrient on the tongue that each organ needs as registered by the brain. The nutrients that each organ possibly needs was identified by touching the tender points on the body. If the nutrient is exactly what the organ system needs to restore function we get direct feedback within 15 seconds by touching the tender point again and seeing if the tenderness rating from 0-10 has shifted at all. The Functional Clinical Analysis  is an amazing tool giving each of us the ability to directly communicate with what our bodies need. 
    • Along with the Functional Clinical Analysis we will dive into a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) with also starting a food & mood journal to learn and track patterns about what we choose to feed ourselves + the state we eat in and how that aligns with your mood shifts. We can also order labs and have samples taken of blood, urine or stool  if needed. We can dive as deeply as we need to.  
    • One personalized Ayurvedic care package with PanchaKarma supplies, intuitive gifts, & witchy items for magic and self nourishment. 
    • Full access to your personal doshic profile & information.
    • Access to Alchemical Food Prep recipes & videos, Cooking & Kitchen Witch tutorials on teachable 
    • Access to classes on Teachable about pranayama, yoga, meditation, mudras, mantras, etc. 
    • Access to informational packets about Ayurveda, doshas, bioindividual needs & diets. 
    • Downloadable tutorials + doshic specific information on self massage (abhyanga), lymphatic movement.
    • You will receive two in person sessions for those attending for five weeks otherwise, we will only meet once privately together once. We will be performing the Functional Clinical Analysis, going over labs and journals to check in on your own process. This is where we take time to dive deep into your personal process & where you’d like to be. 
    • Access to 64 seasonally focused, personalized written recipes : each recipe packet will be different for each individual as no two bodies are alike. 
    • Access Fullscript, a bulk supplement, vitamin & mineral delivering service,  where you will receive 15% off of all supplement recommendations we discover together. 
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON EXPERIENCES : Big Island of Hawai’i Experience package add on includes : Hot springing on the Big I, swimming with dolphins, sacred site visits, meditation, breathwork & plant medicine work opportunities (Ayahuasca, Sananga, Cacao), sacred Tantric ceremony experiences (such as Maithuna) along with two ninety minute massages curated by yours truly starting at $2,000.


If you are fully ready to commit to yourself, please click below to get started on booking with me. 


Kenley is absolutely SPEC-FREAKING-TACULAR!! I went to her when my nervous system was fried, my heart was heavy, my energy was low and my head was foggy. After an hour and a half on her table, in her energy, I left feeling completely calm, clear and on my way to full restoration. She is one of the most present and generous healers I have encountered in quite a while. Truly feel like my cup was re lled by this gorgeous kindred soul. Thank you Kenley!! I cannot say enough good things about you.

- Kate M

There is an overwhelming wonderful energy about Kenley, through in through out. She has a warm, big & caring heart that is shown through her massages. She is undoubtedly one of a kind & her presence brings forth essential change in ones overall well being! A lot of her work is fully indulged & focused with body, mind & soul. She’s done many massages & has an arrange of knowledge to help you in the greatest sense of healing. If you get a chance to feel her skill & creativity in massage do take it! I feel so lucky to have learned, worked & grown along side with her! She is amazing beyond words

- Mae M

So glad to have had the privilege of working with Kenley! Not only is she hyperaware of your needs and wants as a person, she is also extremely respectful and creates a truly judgement free, safe zone to be in. She is such a beautiful and amazing being and anyone who works with her is truly blessed.

- Hope C

It’s great to be around a fellow healer and radiate so many positive energies!

- Nate W